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Baby Love Blanket Drive

About the Drive

What is the Baby Love Blanket Drive?

The Baby Love Blanket Drive is a 2 month long, charity craft-along (Oct- Dec) where people in Portland, Oregon (and beyond) will knit, crochet and quilt blankets for newborns in need.

On the last week of December, we will pick up the blankets from drop sites, wrap them and deliver them to our charities in the first week of January, when donations take a sharp decline.

Why are we doing this?

In 2007, 5 doulas decided to help keep babies warm over the winter by sponsoring a handmade blanket drive for the Portland area. By 2008 we officially became Willow Birth and focused our mission to Promote Peace at Birth.

Our little group is now composed of doulas and midwifery students, and by 2010 we hope to add midwives, doctors, childbirth educators, lactation specialists, massage therapists, naturopaths and anyone else interested in making the lives of women better.

We are proud to again offer this drive to let you, the good and talented citizens of Portland keep babies warm and hearts full this winter season!

Why handmade items?

We believe that an item made by hand and with love is more valuable than a store bought one, and we believe that all babies deserve to have something special made just for them. Each of us has the power to create something lovely, but if we band together, we can create a thousand lovely things, a thousand loving hands creating comfort for newborn life.

As childbirth professionals, our hands help women find their strength as mothers, provide calm when things are tense and give comfort to the pain of childbirth. It is not accident that so many of us work with fiber, as it is these same three things, strength comfort and calm that somebody the creation of a handmade item .

All of us at Willow Birth have seen the price babies pay in the Northwest when there are not enough resources to feed and clothe them. We can't save all the babies, but we can give a few a warm blanket crafted with love, and we think you can too.

Warm Baby Blessings,

-Willow Birth





Large Blanket: 37" x 45"
Small Blanket 27" x 34"
(If your blanket comes out slightly smaller or larger, that's fine)

All blankets must be completed by 12/29/08. If you are mailing them, please mail no later than 12/29/08.

Type of fiber: Any fiber that is machine washable (baby goo will be on this blanket)and soft to the touch. You can use natural fibers such as wool, alpaca, cotton and angora, but keep in mind that some babies have highly sensitive skin.

Weight: Baby Sport, Worsted or Chunky depending if you want to make a light or heavy blanket.

New for 2008! In addition to blankets, we are now accepting: Baby Clothes, Baby Toys, Hats, Mittens, Socks, Shoes, Scarves & Slings.

If you have a large amount of non-blanket items, please call (503) 809-1721 for pick up.




Outside/in addresses the changing needs of homeless youth and other low-income and marginalized people as they work toward self-sufficiency and improved health by provide them innovative social, medical and mental health services and material resources.

Yolanda House
Yolanda House is an emergency shelter and service program for women survivors of domestic or sexual violence and their children. The house is a confidentially located, modern two-story structure in a quiet Portland neighborhood that shelters about nineteen women and their children. The house was named for a beloved YWCA staffer, Yolanda Panek, who was murdered by her ex-partner





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