Current Teen Programs:

Teen Parent Doula Program

Hiring a Doula can help...

· Cut your chance of needing a cesarean section by 50%

· Reduce your time in labor by 25%

· Reduce the need for an epidural or other drugs by 60%

Those who choose a doula…

· Feel more secure and cared for

· Have greater success with breastfeeding

· Have greater self-confidence

· Have less postpartum depression

· Have lower incidence of abuse




Willow Birth gives you the honest, straightforward answers about pregnancy and birth and provides

support for you and your new family.

Willow Birth Provides:

Childbirth Education 

24 hour phone support 

Continuous Labor Support

Postpartum Support

Breastfeeding Support

Fees & Costs:

Willow Birth does not charge fees for the Teen Parent Doula Program.   There is a $35.00 deposit to cover expenses for the doula.





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